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What Info Should I Provide?

The above form is a great first step! In order for us to align the best fit cash buyers in your local area, we'll need a few more details. Some examples are; when you purchased your property, the current condition of your home, your timeline, and why you're looking to sell. We'll also answer any questions along the way! Don't forget to visit our Frequently Asked Questions.


How Is My Offer Created?


✓   After Repair Value: What your home's market value is after we finish renovations.

✓   Repair Costs: Based on all the information we gather, we then estimate what our cost will be to renovate your home.

✓   Selling Costs: Additionally, a total value for selling commissions, excise tax, property tax, utilities, insurance (title and property and escrow fees) will be added in. This is usually about 10% of the ARV.

✓   Return on Investment: What we pay our contractors is included here, and how we are able to keep our business running!

What is MY Offer?

We look forward to speaking with you! Please fill out the below form and we will be in touch ASAP.

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Buy My House 7 vs. Real Estate Agents

Ever think to yourself, "I wish someone could buy my house in 7 days, but real estate agents take so much longer." To show you just how different we are compared to traditional real estate agents, check out the below table!

Buy My House 7

✓ No fees! Seriously, 0% commission

✓ No financing contingencies or appraisals

✓ Open houses or showings aren't needed

✓ We do inspections and cover closing costs

✓ No repairs needed

✓ Closing times are often 7-28 days

Real Estate Agents

• Commissions are often 6% of the sales price

• Lower sales price due to low appraisals

• Added time from open houses and showings

• Added costs from inspections and closing costs

• Repairs are needed in the real estate market

• Closing times are often 60-90 days

We Have Happy Sellers!

We're grateful to have so many happy sellers and their reviews prove it!

buy-my-house review Justice



buy my house for cash reviews

"Personally, I would only recommend these guys to anyone interested in selling their house. Great team with great communication. They listened to my needs to move quickly, as I was facing foreclosure. The quick, all-cash offer was exactly what I needed. Thanks Buy My House 7."

buy-my-house review Loretta



buy my house for cash reviews

"The thought of having to sell my house while finalizing a divorce became a burden. Buy My House 7 made the process so easy for my family and I'm so glad we found them. If you're looking to sell fast and have an easy experience doing so, I can't recommend this team enough."

buy-my-house review Adam



buy my house for cash reviews

"I inherited property from my grandfather, but was already settled in another city. Unsure how to sell my house, I found Buy My House 7 and it was a dream come true. The whole process was the most ideal situation I could imagine. Really nice team as well, would work with them again!"

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